Open to the PUBLIC during growing season.

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What if you found
a wee bit of wildness
amidst your urban landscape?

A Denver Public Pocket Park and Garden

Meet Lisa,

Lover of plants, seeds, math and science and the founder of SummerHome Garden.

She’s passionate about catering to your native climate, rewilding your outdoor space and building an ecosystem for pollinators, birds, bugs, bees, dogs, and peace-seeking humans.

“Visiting (SHG) In The Morning Was A Spiritual Experience! Your Stories, Humor And Dedication To Your Community Made Our Trip To Denver So Special.”

SHG Visitors Hadley and Kendall, Summer, 2023


Trim, prune, clear, plant or seed. We can always use a few extra hands. Volunteer shifts vary by season.

Guided Tours

Book your garden club or responsible watering coalition for a field trip to SummerHome Garden. Now scheduling for May to October, 2024.


SummerHome Garden is a beautiful place for weddings, memorials, senior photos and more. Capacity: 25

Keynote Speaking

Lisa’s story inspires, educates and empowers. Learn how SummerHome Garden came into being and the magic of this sacred space.

What’s Blooming

Bulbs, Prairie Smoke and Blue Flax

Cactus and Yucca

Salvia, Agastache, Flowering Trees, and Shrubs

Golden Rod, Grasses, Asters, and Lead Plant

“In SummerHome Garden, Interweaving Prairie Grasses And Southwestern Shrubs Intermingle With Pockets Of Bulbs, Wildflowers And Succulents, All Chosen To Thrive In Denver’s Climate….This Space Is One Big Meshed Movement That Throughout The Year Waxes And Wanes In Color, Height, Shape, And Texture.”

Wall Street Journal, September 15, 2023

Want to plant a native garden?


What wants to be planted?

What is the soil asking for?

What will thrive all on its own?

What’s growing at SummerHome Garden?

When you plant WITH your climate instead of AGAINST it, everybody wins."

– Lisa Negri

Build Your Own Garden

Define Your Loves

What plants are you drawn to? What gives you comfort? How tall? What color? What texture? When does it bloom? Find your favorite flowers.

Define Your Parameters

What does the garden embody? A path or a yard or a meadow or a window box? Start small. Plant with great intention.

Define Your Zone

Nerd out about your climate zone: planting times, weather, the right plants, the wrong plants and more.

“SummerHome Garden inspires a new way for gardeners and communities to plant the world a more beautiful, ecologically vibrant place. More than just one woman’s vision, this undownable landscape marries plants to place, prodding ever-so-gently with an earnest question: why aren’t you planting like this already?”

Kelly Norris, Planting Designer and Author of New Naturalism and Your Natural Garden

When you choose native plants that correspond to your immediate climate…

You get a…

beautiful garden

healthier environment

pollinator ecosystem

lower water bill

low-maintenance project

feeling of hope for the future

By The Numbers

Square Feet in This Garden


Percentage of Water from Mother Nature


2023 Visitors

Wind Sculptures


Bee Hotels

Wind Bell

Featured In

Shrouded in Light: Naturalistic Planting Inspired by Wild Shrublands by Kevin Williams and Michael Guidi

Visionary: Gardens. and Landscapes for our Future by Claire Takacs with Giacomo Guzzon

Tiny and Wild: Build a Small-Scale Meadow Anywhere by Graham Laird Gardner