What if you found a wee bit of wilderness
amid the new builds of urban Denver?

What if you could help that sacred bit of earth thrive?

That’s the dream of SummerHome Garden. 

At 651 South Vine Street, in the urban Wash Park neighborhood, there’s a LOT, but no house. Instead, you’ll find a pocket park with 8000 bulbs, grasses, trees, shrubs, wildflowers and succulents, all divinely-designed to thrive in our challenging Colorado climate.

Who Made This Happen?

Lisa Negri, Founder

Meet Lisa, lover of plants, seeds, and global travel. As a past environmental engineer and entrepreneur, Lisa is passionate about science and math. And since she began volunteering at Denver Botanic Gardens back in 2016, she’s become excited to apply those principles to a more creative pursuit. Lisa is now dedicated to helping others understand how we can thrive—one plant, one butterfly, one bee and one bird at a time.

“I’m thrilled to offer this open space as a gift to my urban neighborhood. Please enjoy–take time to breathe, grow and thrive!”

Listen to the fountain…
Rest on a bench…
Watch the artisan-built bee hotels…
Relax and breathe.

What’s Growing?

Redbud Trees
California Poppies
Purple Grass
Tall Red Trumpets
Blue Flax Bush

Cutleaf Sumac
California Bluebells
Sand Cherries
Yucca & Agave

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Water Responsible

Once established, these plants will thrive with natural rainfall. No irrigation needed.


“The design for SummerHome Garden was modeled on graffiti, a type of wild, surprising expression that is a perfect starting point for a naturalistic garden. By densely planting and seeding steppe-adapted plants, we created a novel plant community suited for Denver’s climate with tons of potential for change.”

— Kevin Philip Williams
SummerHome Garden Designer
& Horticulture Specialist at Denver Botanic Gardens


This garden has been a labor of love from many people. Special thanks to Norm for building and installing the bee hotels, to Emilie for painting them and to Scarlett for inspiring the SummerHome logo design.

“I donated my time because of my love of art and desire to help and become involved in the community. Art is an outlet that connects individuals and communities.”

— Emilie


Idea! Buy house next door to create garden


Kevin’s garden design inspired by graffiti photo




Volunteers help plant over 3000 plants!



Open to
the public

and beyond